Final EIR

The Draft EIR for the Ocean Water Desalination Project was published in the spring of 2018 and evaluated the potential environmental impacts of constructing and operating the potential Project. The report also identified mitigation strategies to avoid, minimize, or compensate those impacts. During the extended 91 day public comment period, West Basin received 213 regulatory agency and public comments. The Final EIR was released on October 23, 2019 and provides detailed responses to each of these comments, in addition to four supplemental research studies requested by the regulatory agencies, in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Final EIR – Full Document

Notice of Determination

Final EIR by Section

Sections 1 through 9 : See March 2018 Draft EIR

Section 10: Introduction to the Final EIR

Section 11: Refinements to the Project Description

Section 12: Master Responses

Section 13: State Agency Comments and Responses

Section 14: Local Agency Comments and Responses

Section 15: Tribal Entity Comments and Responses

Section 16: Organization Comments and Responses

Section 17: Individual Comments and Responses

Section 18: Revisions Text

Section 19: References

Section 20: Report Preparers


Appendix 4A: Intake Effects Assessment Report Technical Appendices

Appendix 12: Comparison of 316(b) Data

Appendix 13: Subsurface Intake Feasibility Study

Appendix 14: Linear Diffuser Modeling and Peer Review

Appendix 15: Coastal Hazards Assessment and Example Revised Site Plans

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