Rain Barrel Painting Guide

Painting Preparation Guidelines

Rain barrel Painting guide

  1. Clean Barrel with soapy water (or vinegar and water with 1:1 ratio) and rinse to remove grime
  2. Use sandpaper to scruff off outside of barrel. Sand until the surface becomes dull
  3. Clean barrel with water to remove the dust from sanding. Let it dry (can use towel or air dry).
  4. Apply plastic primer (ex. Krylon Fusion and Rust-Oleum plastic spray paint). You will probably need two cans to coat the entire barrel.
  5. Apply acrylic paint gently.
  6. After paint is applied, allow at least 48 hours of drying time before applying clear coat.


Samples of Painted Rain Barrels

Palos Verdes High School
St. Mary's Academy
Palos Verdes High School
Palos Verdes High School

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