SoFi Stadium Recycled Water Project

SoFi Stadium Recycled Water Project

The SoFi Stadium Recycled Water Project builds upon West Basin’s recycled water program in new and innovative ways through a public-private construction project. SoFi Stadium is the centerpiece of Hollywood Park, a near 300-acre mixed-use development in the City of Inglewood. The sports and entertainment destination also includes more than 20-acres of public parks and open space. West Basin is providing 80 acre-feet per year (AFY) of disinfected tertiary recycled water for irrigation and lake infill to a total of 27 connection sites throughout the stadium property and adjoining areas.




Southeast view of Lake Park at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif., which uses a blend of stormwater and runoff that is captured and cleaned through the wetlands. [Photo courtesy of SoFi Stadium / Vantage Point Global, Inc.]
Project Location

The SoFi Stadium Recycled Water Project is located along the northern branch of West Basin’s recycled water distribution system.


Project Benefits

The SoFi Stadium Recycled Water Project is a public-private partnership that will help save drinking water by using recycled water. Through these partnerships, the project is helping to save approximately 26 million gallons of water per year and will help mitigate stormwater/rainfall events. West Basin looks forward to the possibility of meeting additional demand as future development of the property occurs.

 Aerial view of SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif. [Photo courtesy of SoFi Stadium / Vantage Point Global, Inc.]



West Basin’s first delivery of recycled water to SoFi Stadium took place in the summer of 2020. Pipeline construction includes:

  • 10,500 feet of 8-inch pipeline;
  • 1,600 feet of 6-inch pipeline;
  • and 1,100 feet of 4-inch pipeline.

There are a total of 27 West Basin recycled water connections on the property, including SoFi Stadium’s two decorative lakes.

Construction at SoFi Stadium

Photo of construction at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif.

View a Map of the SoFi Stadium Recycled Water Connection Sites

Lake Park and Surrounding Areas

The lakes on the property serve as an irrigation reservoir for the surrounding park. Lake Park areas are irrigated with recycled water that comes from the 1.78-acre upper lake and 4.9-acre lower lake, with a total volume of approximately 16 million gallons. Each lake has a maximum depth of approximately 15 feet and is for decorative use only. Lake Park’s dry creek “arroyo” landscape helps capture and direct stormwater runoff into the lake. The lakes will utilize approximately 35 AFY of recycled water, the equivalent of 11.4 million gallons each year. One acre-foot of water is equal to about 326,000 gallons, which is enough water to cover an acre of land, about the size of SoFi Stadium’s football field, one foot deep.

Other parts of the property making use of recycled water include greenery along the street medians and parking lots (30 AFY); and landscaped areas surrounding the stadium (10 AFY). In addition to SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park (~ 75 AFY total), West Basin will produce recycled water for areas outside of the stadium’s footprint. This includes existing customer Hollywood Park Casino (3 AFY), and the Inglewood Transit Center (1 AFY), with the potential for additional recycled water supplies going to future retail development (10 AFY or more).

Northeast touchdown point at SoFi Stadium. [Photo courtesy of SoFi Stadium / Vantage Point Global, Inc.]


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