Customer Development

Recycled Water Conversion Process

Map of Existing System Our Customers Recycled Water Users Manual

Process For Receiving Recycled Water

West Basin’s staff works closely with customers to assist them through the conversion process and assure compliance with the regulations governing recycled water use. Though our customers have unique needs, below is a typical process to convert from imported water to recycled water use:

  • Contact made between West Basin and customer
  • Basic information is exchanged – potential use and amount of recycled water / role of West Basin in process
  • Determination of feasibility for West Basin to serve site
  • Determination of interest by customer
  • Develop drawings of retrofit based on customer plans
  • Determination of feasibility for customer conversion
  • Submit plans to Department of Public Health (DPH) for review
  • Site inspection prior to construction by DPH
  • Retrofit construction with ongoing inspection by DPH and West Basin
  • Completion of retrofit construction and final inspection by DPH including cross connection testing
  • After approval by DPH, conversion is completed by connecting recycled water

Converting to Recycled Water

For those interested in learning more about the feasibility of using recycled water, please fill out the form below. If a site is deemed feasible, West Basin staff works closely with the site owner to assist through the conversion process, ensuring compliance with the regulations governing recycled water use.

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