Cash for Kitchens


The Cash for Kitchens Program provides free water efficiency devices, educational materials, and appliance rebate information. This program was developed by West Basin Municipal Water District to provide restaurants and other food service facilities, such as corporate kitchens, hotels, and schools with water efficiency surveys to assist them in their efforts to save water!

The survey provides information on current water usage, strategies on how to conserve water and free materials to assist management in training their employees to be more water-efficient. Participating kitchen sites are eligible for free pre-rinse spray valves and sink flow restrictors. Click the image here to start your survey.


South Bay City Council of Governments (SBCCOG) staff is available to answer your questions and to assist with the survey. Call for assistance or to make a virtual appointment: (310) 371-4633.

A custom survey report will identify water saving opportunities and eligible rebate incentives. Staff is then encouraged to install the water conservation devices and adopt water-saving practices!

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The Cash for Kitchens program provides pre-rinse spray valves meeting the WaterSense specifications. Replacing existing, non-efficient pre-rinse spray valves flowing at 1.6 gallons per minute (gpm) or greater with high efficiency models offers a significant opportunity for water and cost savings within commercial kitchens.


 To learn more, please visit the WaterSense website linked here.


Program Type: Consultation
Contact Name: Jenyffer Vasquez
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (310) 660-6225
Sponsor(s): West Basin Municipal Water District
Vendor(s): South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCCOG)
Customer Type: Commercial
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