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West Basin calls on our communities to be SUPER-CALI-FRUGALISTIC everyday. We offer a variety of programs to help our residents and businesses save water and money!

Grass Replacement Rebates

West Basin is currently offering a rebate of $3 per square foot of grass removed from residential and commercial landscapes.

Public Agency: Grass Replacement Rebate

Rebates starting at $4 per square foot incentives public agencies in the service area to remove non-essential grass on their public property.

Grass Replacement +

The Grass Replacement + program offers residents in priority, eligible neighborhoods a free custom landscape design, a free drought-tolerant tree and additional assistance in applying for a  rebate of $5 for every square foot of grass replaced with a drought-friendly garden.

Grass Removal and Garden Transformation Workshops

Removing grass from your yard can sound like a big task. These BeWaterWise.com workshops offered multiple times per month are here to teach you how to transform thirsty grass into a beautiful, climate-appropriate water efficient garden.

Rain Barrels

Catch the rain, prevent runoff, reduce your water use and satisfy the water capture requirement for a grass replacement rebate —  with a free rain barrel!

SoCal Gas Partner Program

Southern California Gas Co. is partnering with West Basin to offer $150,000 in water and energy efficiency upgrades at no cost for 100 eligible families within priority communities.

Commercial Sector Water Use Efficiency 

2023 will offer a new CII water-efficiency program that meets the specific needs of the service area, reduces demand, and helps retailers meet state performance measures.

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