Water for Tomorrow


water for tomorrowSouthern California’s water supply is less certain and less reliable during times of drought as it comes from a variety of sources, including Northern California and the Colorado River. This imported water is impacted by unpredictable ebbs and flows in supply due to recurring droughts, environmental regulatory decisions, uncertain impacts of climate change and other factors.

The Water for Tomorrow Program is West Basin’s approach to addressing the service area’s water future.

  • Protect the District’s existing water supply;
  • Diversify and augment our water supply portfolio; and
  • Innovate to prepare for the future.

West Basin has demonstrated its commitment to being an industry leader by exploring new methods and innovative technologies to enhance the region’s water supply, with the mission to  “provide a safe and reliable supply of high-quality water to the communities we serve.” West Basin ensures water reliability for service area residents and businesses through balanced and affordable supply diversification: maximizing water recycling, expanding conservation efforts, desalting brackish groundwater and evaluating desalinated ocean water.

West Basin is dedicated to doing the most it can for its customer agencies by seeking increased reliability of imported water, more opportunities for groundwater projects, and additional exploration of alternative local water supplies such as both potable and non-potable water reuse and desalination.


Drought Update

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West Basin has long been a leader in the use of recycled water. The district has invested approximately $700 million in its water recycling program and has more than 100 miles of recycled water pipeline throughout its service area, securing an affordable local water supply for business, industry and residents.

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Conservation and water use efficiency will continue to be a cornerstone in our water resource management plan. West Basin has implemented aggressive and innovative water conservation programs.

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West Basin was the second agency in California to desalt brackish groundwater in its service area. West Basin is also exploring a responsible ocean water desalination program that meets and/or surpasses environmentally protective requirements established by the State.

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West Basin’s many water-focused education programs raise awareness about Southern California’s water supply sources and the need to take care of this precious resource.

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West Basin Speakers

To schedule a West Basin speaker to discuss the Water for Tomorrow or other program with your organization or community group, you can submit a request online.


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