West Basin’s SUPER-CALI-FRUGALISTIC drought campaign calls on our local communities to save water amid this unprecedented drought. We offer a variety of water saving programs to help our residents and businesses save water and money. Click on a program below to learn more...

Grass Replacement Classes & Rebates

West Basin is currently offering a $3 per square foot rebate for turf/grass removed from residential and commercial landscapes.

Grass Replacement+

The Grass Replacement+ program offers a free custom landscape design, a free drought-tolerant tree and additional assistance in applying for an increased rebate of $5 for every square foot of grass replaced with a drought-friendly garden.

Rain Barrel Program

Catch the rain and reduce your potable water use with a free rain barrel! West Basin provides its customers with free Rain Barrels delivered to their home. Find out more information…

Change & Save Program

The Change & Save program is designed in English and Spanish to educate, promote, and inspire West Basin customers to save money and reduce water use by replacing old fixtures.

Cash for Kitchens Program

Through the Cash for Kitchens program, West Basin provides restaurants and other commercial  kitchen facilities with rebates and free water-use surveys to assess their current water usage.

Water Bottle Filling Station

This program was created to provide members of the community with access to safe and reliable tap water to refill personal, reusable bottles. West Basin will award grants – up to $2,000 maximum per applicant – for the purchase of an indoor or outdoor station, to entities within our service area.

Water Saving Tips

View some simple daily habits individuals, couples, and families can do to cut household water consumption by 15%.

Malibu & Topanga Smart Program

New technologies available to help you use a lot less water inside and outside your home. Not only will you save money on your bill, there are rebates and programs available to help you save even more.

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